1. How does it work?

There's simply no better source for polyphenols, enzymes that plants use for internal detoxification and defense.  In fruits, the concentration is highest in the skin, so many people had taken to berries and apples as their source.  The leaves of plants have the greatest concentration by far, so tea has become the new gold standard source.  The careful oxidization process we employ when crafting our tea helps deliver these nutrients into your system.  A flood of research has accompanied tea's rise in popularity, and more and more positive conclusions about polyphenols are being made all the time. 

What we can be sure of is that metabolism (fat burning/calorie use) is increased in anyone drinking our teaOriginal Wu-Yi Tea also contains many nutrients that increase the efficiency of your body's natural processes, allowing it to make more effective use of what you consume.  This nutrient combination, along with a small amount of naturally occurring caffeine provides an energy unlike what drinkers of energy drinks or highly caffeinated beverages experience.  Our customers have described it as a "lightness" where "everything runs smoothly" and they find themselves mentally and physically able to perform at higher levels and for greater amounts of time.

Be sure to visit our Research and Articles section for more information about the science supporting our claims

2. Why not just drink store-bought tea?

You will not find the high level of quality we offer in the teas available from your local supermarkets.  Our standards are even higher than many specialty tea suppliers.  Beyond quality (freshness, pureness, etc.) we have made some special additions to our tea that enhance the flavor, improve weight-loss and provide additional health benefits

3. How is the taste?.

We have really looked after the taste of the tea as we have optimized it for weight loss.  The primary taste is that of the oolong tea leaves, which are deeply flavorful on their own.  In each tea bag you will also find folium ginkgo leaves, cassia seeds, and leaves of water lily.  These further enhance the taste. 

A small amount of honey or unrefined sugar can be added to the tea if you prefer to alter the taste in this way, but be conscious that what you add does not work against the weight-loss benefits of the tea.

4. How often should I drink Original Wu-Yi Tea?

Original Wu-Yi Tea is safe to drink every day. 

Drinking it with or before meals is a great way to enjoy 2-3 cups each day, and many have reported dramatic results from substituting Original Wu-Yi Tea for other beverages they consume throughout the day.  We've even converted some coffee drinkers!

We do not remove the small amount of natural caffeine that occurs in the tea, however, so keep that in mind and adjust the timing of your last cup of the day with regard to your personal level of sensitivity to caffeine.

5.How soon will I see results?

There is such wide variation in individual chemistries and diet choices among our customers that giving an exact answer to this question would be misleading. 

Many have reported results as soon as ten days into their use of our product, while some have taken closer to thirty days to achieve the same. 

As common sense will tell you, your lifestyle will effect your body and can either counteract or coincide with the benefits of this powerfully helpful tea.

6. How much weight can I expect to lose?

Again, the wide variety of our customers makes it impossible to provide any number that would apply to you and your body type and habits.  Our tea has been found to be highly effective, but your level of commitment to weight-loss will effect the extent of the results you will experience. 

This is why the Free Trial and the Money-Back Guarantee are so great.  The options these programs provide allow you to see first-hand what this tea can do for you before making any kind of commitment or taking any large financial risk.

7. What are the details of your guarantee?

Our guarantee is that you will be happy and satisfied.

If you are in any way unsatisfied, simply return the unused servings within 30 days from the day you receive the shipment for a full merchandise refund.  Our goal has always been to keep your trust and make you healthier and happier..

8. Do you ship outside the USA?

Yes we do.  Our products are available to every country on the planet.  Shipping to residents within the USA and Canada will be charged $6.95, while shipments to elsewhere in the world will be charged $26.95.

10. What types of payment do you accept?

We currently accept payments made with major credit cards online or over the phone.

11. How long will it take for my package to arrive?

You should expect orders to arrive at your home 4-7 business days from day you place your order.  Please contact us if you have not received your shipment in a timely manner.

12. Directions for serving Original Wu-Yi Tea?

Bring freshly drawn, cold water to a boil or just below boiling.  Pour water over one teabag in a cup, allow 2-3 minutes for the richness of the tea to release, then remove the teabag and enjoy!




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